What parts of the body are protected by a helite airbag?

A Helite airbag device protects the vital organs of the upper body. It protects the bottom of the head, neck, chest, ribs, collarbone, lungs, abdomen, pancreas, pelvis, and vertebrae column. Approximately 40% of fatalities from motorcycle accidents in France in 2011 were due to chest injury, so protecting the front parts of your body is as important as protecting your back! The head is indirectly protected, often delaying impact with the ground and providing very good support of the helmet resting on the side and rear airbags.

Is the airbag reusable?

Yes, as long as the airbag is in good condition (no holes, tears) you can reuse it. Easy to do, you can reset the system yourself in 2 minutes, without sending your vest back to Helite. It is only necessary to replace the CO2 cartridge with a new one, available at all Helite dealers worldwide. Please, check the size of the airbag when replacing cartridges. See our instructional video "INSTALL A NEW CARTRIDGE".

What is the lifespan of a helite co2 cartridge?

The warranty on a CO2 cartridge is 10 years. To guarantee the motorcycle airbag operation, the cartridge must be inspected at least 1 time per year. Do not hesitate to unscrew your cartridge for regular visual check (rust, corrosion) and weight. Compare the weight that is indicated on the cartridge and changed it if necessary. It should be changed if the surface of the lid (part inserted into the mechanical trigger) is showing signs of deterioration or rust. An empty CO2 cartridge must be replaced before the motorcycle airbag is again functional.

Can you protect a child with a Helite airbag?

Yes, we developed airbag jackets for the children. The CO2 cartridge is smaller (50 CC) and the strength needed to trigger the airbag system is lowered. Caution, you mustn’t wear Helite airbag if you weigh less than 35kg. Please have a look to our size chart to choose the size of your airbag jacket.

Can the airbag activate itself automatically? What if I forget to detach myself?

Helite airbags are mechanical to avoid unexpected airbag activation. Accidental deployments are extremely rare. The tractive force required to activate the airbag is between 20 and 30 kg depending on the size. If a rider forgets to detach from his bike, he will feel a strong tension on his vest or jacket before the airbag is triggered. As the car belt, clip and unclip the motorcycle strap will quickly become a habit.

How long will it take for my airbag to deflate?

Your airbag must stay inflated to support and protect the rider long enough. It will take 5-7 minutes for the airbag to deflate completely. If you unscrew and remove the canister, the airbag will deflate quickly. You can unclip and remove the airbag immediately after the fall if you are in a safe area.

Can I wear a backpack over a Helite airbag system?

Yes, while keeping in mind that the more resistance there is, the slower the airbag will deploy properly. We recommend to adjust your backpack straps fairly wide.

Can I take my helite and CO2 cartridges on a plane?

Yes legally, you can take your airbag with CO2 cartridge on a plane in a checked bag. The CO2 cartridge is considered non-flammable dangerous goods. Airlines can confiscate your cartridge for no reason. We also advise you to leave the cartridge screwed into the airbag and keep additional cartridges close to the vest to help the authorities to understand what they will be used for. To increase the chances that your cartridges arrive safely we advise you to download and print the form for traveling with dangerous goods and leave them near the cartridges and the airbag download here

Is a helite airbag system effective for a passenger?

Yes, the airbag is 100% mechanical and at the time of ejection is equally effective for the passenger. Carefully choose the location of the attachment cord so that it is has the least amount of slack possible.